Shamanistic Journey
Shamanic Journey Series

Shamanism, the first universal spiritual practice dating back to over 40,000 years ago. Implementing this as a lifestyle builds a strong relationship with yourself, your spirit guides, community, and mother earth. In this series, you will learn the fundamentals of journeying which is an important aspect of shamanism. Journeying is a technique used to evoke powerful messages and guidance from your guides, by listening to certain drum beats which trigger a trance like state. We will discuss how to interpret these messages that come to surface during your shamanic journey. You will learn what kind of questions to ask and how you can use the guidance you received to live out a prosperous life. As we move through, I will guide you through journeys to heal your inner child, to release blockages that no longer serve you, and whatever else I sense we should work on. 

I recommend if you have never practiced shamanic journeying, you take my shamanic journey series first, in order to understand the fundamentals of shamanism. Although, if you are experienced in shamanistic work then on this journey we can do a set of multiple things. We will perform a ceremony together, and then you will go on a journey to wherever you feel pulled too. The places and entities you can go to and speak to are limitless. Once you come back, we will discuss the journey and how it will serve you in pushing you towards your right path in life. However, if I feel as if you are in need of a certain healing work that is known to shamanic practitioners then I will perform this work on you, such as a soul retrieval. This will aid you in your healing journey and move you towards a well rounded life. 

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