Raising Enery Freq
Raising your Frequency Class

We offer 3 class levels, beginners - class 1, intermediate- class 2 and expert - class 3.

In these class, we will discuss necessary topics in order to raise your frequency/vibration. During the first journey we will go through at least three topics and perform the exercises related to these topics that will help you on your spiritual journey. Topics in this course include information about meditation, mantras, tarot cards, protecting your aura, forms of protection, and many more. You can take just one journey, or if you want to keep learning additional topics and exercises you can schedule additional sessions at the current prices.  

All of these sessions will include beneficial information for you to connect with your higher self and how to maneuver with the spirit world. 

  • In Class 1 for Beginners - you will have an introduction to energy and learn how to protect yourself.

  • In Class 2 for Intermediates (must have taken Class 1 or be approved for Class 2 due to prior experience) - you will learn how to awaken your Aura and strengthen it.

  • In Class 3 for Exports (must have taken Class 1 & 2 or be approved for Class 3 due to prior experience) - The final piece with visualizations and manifesting your higher self. 
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