About Me


Caroline Modzelewski

I am... 

Psychic 🔮
Shamanic Practitioner 🦋🦉
Energy Healer 🌈

When I was a young girl, there was a certain day that gave me an understanding of what I would love to do in this life. It was a peaceful evening, I was twelve years old, and after a beautiful sunset my father took me out to a restaurant. We sat down and ordered our food, and the topic of the supernatural came up. I felt very pulled to this, and was immensely present to the information that was about to be bestowed upon me. 

All my life I have felt a magnetic pull towards the “unseen” and the spirit world. My father proceeds to tell me about all of his paranormal encounters and about many metaphysical abilities that exist, which fully captivated me. He began to tell me about Polish engineer, Stefan Ossowiecki who was one of Europe’s well known psychics in the beginning of the 20th century. I listened closely about Stefan’s clairvoyant abilities and his astral projection encounters. My dad told me that Stefan made his friends tie him up with ropes, making him immobile and senseless. His friends would go into a room far away where Stefan was placed in, and they would do and talk about very specific things. When it was time, they untied Stefan and he proceeded to tell them everything he saw happen in that room as well as every conversation that took place. 

What he performed is called astral projection, and the second I heard that story, it changed my life forever. I knew in that moment that I would find the most joy and fulfillment out of my life if I was to head down this path. The path of being connected and working with Spirit in my everyday life. It felt like everything clicked and made sense to me that day. 

I felt very lost and like I did not belong throughout my childhood and teenage years. That is because I was ignoring my calling, I kept denying that I could pursue a career in any holistic direction.  I always knew I would be the happiest, but I thought it just wasn’t practical and rational to pursue that dream. I was under the influence of parental, societal, and western expectations and influences. Meeting Bonnie, and having her help me understand my psychic abilities even more has pushed me right onto my divine path.

Here I am, finally following my true passion of helping and healing others through the guidance of Spirit. My fascination with the mind’s capabilities and exploration of my psychic abilities have led me to live out my dream of starting Flow of Healing, through Energy. I am extremely excited and grateful for this journey and am honored to be working with amazing souls. 

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